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The Man. The Legacy.

In 2002, our great friend, brother, son and colleague was tragically taken by the Bali bombings. Today, Josh Deegan’s legacy doesn’t just live in our hearts and minds… it’s changing lives now and tomorrow!

It started with a 9 iron…

Born in 2003, the Josh Deegan Memorial Golf Day has grown to be much more than just our way of celebrating Josh. With over $125,000 raised so far, this annual event is helping patients of the Royal Adelaide Hospital Burns Unit get the kind of care they deserve. But it can’t end there…

A New Foundation.

An avid sportsperson, Josh Deegan knew the value in fighting.Today, his perseverance is our ongoing commitment to those fighting their own battles at the Royal Adelaide Burns Unit. With the Josh Deegan Foundation, you can join the fight, while doing the very thing he loved most!


City to Bay


Adelaide’s premier fun run where you can be as serious or as silly as you want. With the option to run 3, 6, or 12 kilometres, this is the race for everyone.

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See who's leading

1/ Dave Lawson

2/ Lucy Pillay

3/ Penny wi

4/ Lee Kelly

5/ Denton basey

6/ Ruth basey

7/ Travers Pickmere

8/ Martha Polomka

9/ Ben Pearce

10/ Deb Korn

11/ Trenna Moore

12/ Steve Moore

13/ Daniel Moore

14/ jesse moore


16/ gracie white

17/ levi white

18/ Tina Ellis

19/ Kylie ryan

20/ Annabel

21/ David

22/ Thomas

23/ Lucy Silvy

24/ Sally Fletcher

25/ Mel verran

26/ Marc kelly

27/ Elly Deegan

28/ Marcus hemphill

29/ Brendan connolly

30/ Natasha osman

31/ alexis kakoufas


33/ Josh cock

34/ Alex-Anne hemphill

35/ Pam hemphill

36/ Erin Brundell

37/ Lauren searle

38/ Bel atkins

39/ Nick Green

40/ Zane scott


Click on the below ‘REGISTER NOW’ button to join our City to Bay JDF team on September 18, 2016. Simply enter your details, select your distance and pay.

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Please contact us if you do not receive an email.

If people wish to donate to to support you on the day, tell them to head to the DONATE section on the website above.

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